Discover Colortrak LIMITLESS!

Introducing the ALL NEW Colortrak LIMITLESS Apparel range!

The magic is in the fabric and includes:


Colortrak Limitless leggings: where functionality meets style. Endorsed by stylists and meticulously designed with graduated compression, these black leggings are resilient against bleach, hair repellent, and ensure breathable comfort. Embracing a snug compression fit, they effortlessly move with your body. Constructed from 4-way stretch fabric, they offer flexibility for every motion. Versatile and flattering, these top rated women's leggings are for both work and leisure, ensuring you're always dressed for success.

Colortrak's Limitless tunics are engineered to endure bleach, repel hair, and resist pilling. Stylist approved and made from a breathable, form-fitting fabric; they effortlessly move with you as you work. This versatile tunic shirt not only excels in functionality but also enhances your figure, ensuring a flattering fit. Acting as a dependable shield, this stylish garment provides protection all day.

Skilfully crafted and stylist approved, Colortrak Limitless t-shirts are the preferred women's work shirt for beauty professionals. Engineered to resist bleach, repel hairresist pilling, and maintain breathability. Crafted from 4-way stretch fabric, they effortlessly move with you, ensuring comfort as you create. They not only offer practical benefits but also provide a flattering fit, exceeding expectations with their multi-functional design.

- Are Limitless Items True to Size? 
Our Colortrak Limitless leggings vary depending on your desired fit. One of the main features of the leggings is high compression, so they suck you in.
If you prefer a more snug fit, we recommend sticking to your usual size.
If you prefer a less snug fit, we recommend sizing up.
Our Colortrak Limitless tunics and t-shirts run true to size.

- Are the items easy to put on? Our Colortrak Limitless leggings are definitely a bit more difficult to get on as they are compression focused. But, don’t fear, they suck you in, keep you comfortable, and make it easier to be on your feet all day long! The Colortrak Limitless Tees and Tunics are very easy to put on and look great as well.

- How does Limitless differ from regular apparel? All Colortrak Limitless apparel is bleach proof, hair repellent, non-fade, and pill resistant. And the leggings are high compression. We went through rounds of product testing to create perfectly functional apparel for stylists.

- Can I use Colortrak Limitless for all types of salon services? Yes! Colortrak Limitless items are bleach proof, chemical resistant and non-fade. Making them the perfect go-to work uniform. The leggings are high compression ensuring comfort for a long day on your feet.

- Is Colortrak Limitless comfortable to wear during long salon sessions?  Absolutely! Our product testing team of stylists and colleagues love wearing the product on long days. The high compression of the leggings makes for easier day on your feet, and the bleach proof and chemical resistance assists in keeping clothing clean.

- How does the pricing of Colortrak Limitless compare to other salon apparel options? Our team has done rounds of production and market research to ensure that we are the most affordable option for bleach proof, chemical resistant, non-fade, and compression focused salon apparel.